Boxer Manny Pacquiao supports Catholic Bishops in Philippines against reproductive health bill

Last year I wrote about the good example given by the Phillipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. Manny is now a congressman representing the Philippines district of Sarangani. Phillipine President, Benigno Aquino is pushing a "reproductive health" bill to subsidise contraception.

The bill is opposed by the Bishops of the predominantly Catholic country and by Manny Pacquiao. This has been picked up by news outlets all over the world; see for example the Wall Street Journal Manny Pacquiao Hits Out Against Contraception.

President Aquino meanwhile has powerful support from the BBC as you can see from this blatantly one-sided propaganda piece. Nowadays, of course, everybody knows that the BBC is discredited as a balanced commentator on such issues. If you want a reasoned presentation of both sides of the argument, you are better off with Wikipedia.

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