Fine Church saved by the Institute of Christ the King

Back in 2007 I wrote about the prospect of the fine Church of the Sacred Heart in Limerick being turned into a spa and leisure centre. In 2011 I followed up with the Heartbreaking reportage of the death of the developer, and the possible suggested uses of the building (Library / Museum /Leisure Centre / Bar / Restaurant.) I expressed the hope that the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest might be able to raise the funds to buy the Church.

Praise and glory to God, this hope has been fulfilled. St Conleth's Catholic Heritage reports today that the Institute has been able to purchase the Church with the help of friends in Ireland, Europe and the United States. See the aptly titled post REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE! for a full report.

Naturally, the Institute is acting in full co-operation with the Diocese to revive this much-loved Church that was in danger of falling into ruin. This development is a sure sign of the future of the Church. In every age the Church is in need of reform - ecclesia semper reformanda. Today it is congregations such as the Institute of Christ the King who are able to go beyond the despairing vision of so many who feel that it is necessary to write off our heritage because of clergy scandals, loss of faith and encroaching secularism.

To see a much-loved Church rescued and restored to sacred worship is a joy indeed. May the Lord prosper and protect the work of the Institute of Christ the King in the restoration of the Catholic faith in Ireland!

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