Faith Summer Session group photos


The Faith Summer Session is now gearing up for its final leg. In fact, various legs will be gearing up for the Ceilidh this evening which will be followed by fireworks to mark this the 40th such gathering.

This post is a way of communicating photos to the participants. As promised, boys and girls, I have uploaded the group photos that were taken at the Faith Summer Session this morning. They are on my flickr photostream at the Faith Summer Session 2012 set. They are published under an attributive, non-commercial, share-alike Creative Commons license which means that like Sam Gangee you can "boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a pot".

The above photo is supposed to be the "silly" group photo. Seasoned old hacks like me will agree that this shows a woeful lack of silliness. Really! Young people nowadays!

Here are the two elder statesmen, Fr Roger Nesbitt and Sir Dan of the blogosphere who were also on the first Faith Summer Session in 1972.

More informal photos to come.

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