Fr Zuhlsdorf gives extra work to busy parish priests

2012-08-06 20.14.21

Thanks to Fr Zuhlsdorf I had to stay on after Mass for the feast of the Transfiguration this evening to bless some grapes - the man positively goads people to bring things to the parish priest to bless. I had to go into the presbytery, get the ritual and look up the Benedictio uvarum. To be sure, it was there in the book, with the reference to the ros caeli and all. You can read about it at the post Special blessing of grapes where he shamelessly incites the faithful: "So, get your grapes and get them blessed if you can." I ask you! When is the parish priest going to be able to put on his slippers and relax with a pipe and a good book? I'm plagued in my parish with hordes of people who read these pesky Catholic blogs. I've got half a dozen who write the blasted things. Bah! Humbug!

Seriously though, I think it is an excellent thing to promote sacramentals a lot more. Here's a project for you if you are in a gap year or something: go through the Rituale Romanum and list the blessings that are associated with particular days. A fairly light add-on would be to include indulgences that are determinatis diebus concessae. Announcements of the blessings of grapes, candles, throats, and chalk would liven up any parish newsletter as well as encouraging people to make the link between faith and life. Thanks for Fr Z for one more that I had not heard of before.

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