BBC Censorship of Usain Bolt's Christian faith

Blogger "Cranmer" asks Why does the BBC ignore Usain Bolt's God? It is a good question. Usain Bolt always makes the sign of the cross before each race, offers a prayer and then openly gives thanks to God after he has won. As Cranmer says:
The BBC have known for more than four years what Usain Bolt always does, before and after each race, without fail: how he chooses the moment the camera is on him to make the act of humble worship, as a very public witness that it is the Creator who made him fast. They have been briefed to bits by Bolt's PR team and by members of his family: Usain Bolt is a Bible-believing, God-honouring, Jesus-worshipping Christian. But not a whisper from the BBC; not a word of explanation of the real significance of these 'moments to himself'.
Thanks to the censorship of Bolt's Christian identity, many people might simply assume that because his name is a bit like "Hussein", he must be Muslim.

There may well have been some talk on the radio about his faith, but it is excluded from the multi-billion viewer coverage.

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