Clear line of sight to the High Altar

Fr Perrone, the Rector of the Assumption Grotto has taken away the forward-facing altar that disrupted the line of sight to their magnificent High Altar (at which Mass is normally said anyway.) Te Deum Laudamus has the story: Assumption Grotto's Sanctuary: Low Altar Removed.

Interestingly, there will be a moveable altar available for priests who want to celebrate Mass versus populum. It seems to me that this is a good arrangement for the time being: have the High Altar as the norm and the Volksaltar available to be wheeled on if needed. This would be much easier than setting up the High Altar as we have to do several times a week at Blackfen.

The proper High Altar, as you can see from the photo of Assumption Grotto, leaves a proper space in the sanctuary for the various functions that happen at High Mass, Vespers, Benediction and other services. In very many Churches, the removal of the forward-facing altar will restore the architects original vision for the Church.

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