Catching up on the FSSP

While in London today, I was able to meet up with Brendan Gerard who worked for SPUC for some years and then went to Wigratzbad to study for the priesthood with the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP). He was recently ordained to the Diaconate and should be ordained priest soon, Deo volente. We arranged to meet outside Westminster Cathedral after the Evangelium launch. I found Brendan with the blogally ubiquitous Fr Richard Whinder:

Over a rather late lunch at the Spaghetti House, I was very grateful to find out more about the Fraternity and to discuss matters liturgical, moral and pastoral. If you have not heard of the FSSP, you can visit the website and find out more. The mission statement of the Fraternity reads:
The Fraternity of St. Peter seeks to respond to the Holy Father's appeal through an active apostolate in the service of the Church. We seek to reunite those who have been alienated by liturgical abuse and theological dissent by offering the sacred liturgy in all of its solemnity according to the Latin liturgical books of 1962, and by offering the faithful sound catechetical teaching within the living Tradition of the Church.

The Holy Father has called on all baptized faithful to participate in the new evangelization of the world, emphasizing the fact that all must use their unique charisms to full effect. The fraternity of St. Peter has as its charism the celebration of the sacraments according to the traditional Roman rite. through our liturgical identity, the Fraternity carries on the new evangelization in the living tradition of the Church that is ever ancient, ever new.

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