Pro-abortion violence

How many times have you been annoyed in England when someone trots out the propaganda line about pro-lifers being violent. Or (perhaps even more annoying) when well-meaning Catholics who have little knowledge of grass roots pro-life work piously say that we must not be violent (as if any mainstream pro-life groups have ever been involved in violence.)

Human Life International have provided a most interesting website Abortion Violence that looks at the other side of the coin. Why do we never hear about the violence of pro-abortionists? The details page gives comprehensive documentation in support of the following summary:
We’ve heard endless stories in the mainline media about “anti-choice violence” and an “organized campaign of terror and intimidation against reproductive health centers.”

But where does the real violence
lie when it comes to the abortion

Pro-life groups have emphasized the violence that goes on inside the abortion mills—but what about the violence that pro-abortionists commit against born human beings?

The pro-life movement is unquestionably the most peaceful social movement of all time.

We have all heard about the seven murders committed by self-identified anti-abortionists during the time period 1994-1998. But to put this into perspective, according to the United States government, more janitors, bartenders, secretaries, hairdressers and cosmetologists have been killed on the job than abortionists.

The most violent social movement of all time is so-called “pro-choice.”
Not only have “pro-choicer's” killed tens of millions of innocent preborn babies in the name of convenience, they have murdered hundreds of men, women and children.
Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex has a follow-up to this, quoting NBC News Editor Gilbert Millstein as saying
NBC News does not use the term “prolife,” which it regards as loaded, but if someone wanted to use “pro-choice,” I’d say that was fine.
The comment by the author of the post applies in spades to the English media:
When a pro-lifer commits a crime, rest assured, you WILL hear about it. On the other hand, the media treats the pro-abortion movement with a pagan-like reverence, choosing not to “mis-represent” the movement through the actions of a few.
In fact, even though there is no pro-life violence in England, we still hear plenty about the very few incidents that have happened in the States.

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