A day with CIEL at Oxford

I said a private Mass at 6.30am this morning, then joined the commuters going up to Charing Cross, across to Victoria, and then took the coach to Oxford.

Today is the second day of CIEL 2006, the three day conference of the Centre Internationale d'Etudes Liturgiques (CIEL). It was a great joy to be there and I wished that I had booked in for the whole conference. I have some good photos of the Solemn Mass and one or two of Solemn Vespers. There are also a few of the people who were there.

I was kindly invited to stay for dinner. It was great to be able to spend a little more time in such good company but it did mean a rather late journey back so the photo above is just a taster. I will be posting some illustrated reports over the next few days.

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