Straights not allowed

I was talking informally the other day to an 18 year old youngster in my parish who told me that she and her older sister like to go to Gay bars in London. She explained that some of them specialise in 1970s Glam Rock and that they enjoy that sort of music. (They both have boyfriends.) I did point out the extreme inadvisability and attendant moral danger of going to such places, but I was intrigued when she explained a problem that they had with one of the Clubs, called G-A-Y. I just spent some time on their website to check her story (but won't put the link here.)

The list of forthcoming events at the club gives links to descriptions of the individual evenings. On those pages, you are are offered a free or discounted entry voucher. It is the small print on this voucher that is interesting. It includes the following:
G_A_Y has a strict majority lesbian and gay door policy. Ignoring this invalidates your voucher and management reserves the right to refuse admission.
So it's true that "Diversity" only works one way...

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