Time travel preferences

Fr Nicholas Schofield tagged me with this one:
If an angel could take me back in time, what five things or occasions would I like to experience?
I'll follow his lead and ignore Biblical events - nevertheless, I can't bear to limit the list so I'll do a secular one and a sacred one

1. Being in the Roman senate to see Catiline's supporters shuffle away from him during Cicero's first Oratio in Catilinam in 63BC
2. Attending the ludi saeculares at Rome in 17BC and hearing the carmen saeculare sung
3. Watching the first performance of Twelfth Night in 1602
4. Travelling on the inaugural journey on the Great Western Railway in 1841
5. Seeing the earth from space with Yuri Gargarin in 1961

1. Attending a Sunday Mass celebrated by St Ambrose
2. Attending one of the lectures of the Blessed John Duns Scotus at Oxford
3. Walking the seven Churches with St Philip Neri
4. Listening to St Alphonsus Liguori preach on Our Lady, hell, or the Blessed Sacrament
5. Being the parish priest of Lourdes in 1858 when St Bernadette revealed that the Lady said she was the Immaculate Conception

I tag Fr Sean Finnegan, DilexitPrior and the Indolent Server.

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