Christian speed dating?

One of the mailings that came during the summer was advertising Oct.06, billed as "The biggest national gathering of 18-30s Catholics in England and Wales for 25 years." The event is organised by Catholic Youth Services, a national agency of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Several Bishops are taking part, along with CAFOD, various Christian Music groups, Youth 2000 and others. One thing that caught my eye in the programme was the item "Speed dating", run by Friends First, a "UK Christian Dating Agency". On the dedicated page for this activity, more details are given:
The fun–filled, action packed and, most importantly, cringe-free evening will give you the chance to meet up to 15 people in a series of one to one meetings, each of which lasts only three minutes. At the end of the evening, if you’ve both liked each other, your email address will be revealed and you’ll be able to stay in touch. It’s a safe, fun and brilliant way to meet lots of new people very quickly.
Apart from any other considerations, I wonder how this could possibly be "cringe-free".

The speed dating is not compulsory, however. For the Saturday 21.30 slot, the programme offers three other choices:
  • Prayer vigil with songs from Taizé and brothers of the Community in the Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring
  • Live bands - St Catherine's Church (Crossbeam and Rich Robson
  • The Birmingham nightlife!
A bit like going on Pilgrimage to Lourdes, I suppose.

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