Catholic Herald on ICEL leak

The Catholic Herald this weekend runs a banner front page headline: Widespread praise for 'dignified and joyful' new Mass translation The article reports on the leaking of the new ICEL translation by Fr Sean Finnegan (Valle Adurni). One passage that jumped out was:
Martin Foster, assistant secretary to the Department of Christian Life and Worship of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, described the text’s release into the public domain as “unfortunate”. “It does not allow bishops to make their decisions in the best atmosphere,” he said.
What "atmosphere" is that, then? An atmosphere of immunity from criticism, freedom from scrutiny, insulation from the many learned Catholics who would be glad to give their time free of charge to see the best translation possible?

Depressingly, an official from the Congregation for Divine Worship predicted that the text of the entire Missal might be ready by early 2009. The article continues:
The release of the text is likely to upset the bishops of England and Wales, who may prefer to introduce the new translation only when the entire Roman Missal has been approved.
What we need then is something from Vox Clara or the CDW authorising the use of the texts of the Ordinary in the meantime - even without the new people's responses if anyone really thinks that is such a big problem. Lord knows! I remember the 70s when there was a new leaflet on the altar every other week. We're not asking for that. Can we not just use a decent translation of the text of the Roman Canon which has been denied to the People of God for thirty years?

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