Drivers and settings

Well its all gone a little happier this morning. After Mass, the wireless modem & router obviously thought a little about its behaviour and with some tweaking agreed to connect to the internet.

That gave me the opportunity to download drivers from the aforesaid global network to replace the ones supplied, precious few of which work with Vista. Mouse and keyboard are now working happily apart from the verticall scroll. So at least I can quick scroll those designer CSS websites that go off the screen sideways for 100 yards.

More happily, I got all my settings transferred to newly-downloaded versions of Firefox and Thunderbird so I can open your blogs in tabs and read the email that I should have replied to days ago. Next joyful task is to install Office Pro and see whether all my databases work for the Mass intentions, forthcoming weddings, contacts and correspondence etc.

Then there is still the mobile device. Vista has a whole new bit in it called "Sync Centre." Boy does that sound ominous! After all this, I think I'll get one of these T-shirts:

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