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St Josemaria Escriva said that we are called to the heroism of finishing each particular task. I fail on this in the matter of reading books - there always seem to be half a dozen in progress.

My aim is to have just two - one for spiritual reading and one for educational reading. The book for spiritual reading does not have to be finished if it turns out that something else is appropriate. For example, I have recently begun again to read St Therese's "Story of a Soul." At Parkminster today, I explained to the Novice Master that this was my latest enthusiasm. He told me that one of the Fathers had spent decades on the study of St Therese; in doing so he had reached conclusions that went contrary to those of many other scholars of the little flower.

This made me chuckle and I certainly want to find out what he has said. Since he is Spanish, this would give me a chance to improve my knowledge of that important language. I recalled a story that Fr Holloway once told of an elderly and immensely learned Jesuit who was chided by one of his colleagues who asked him why he always had to come up with opinions that went against the scholarly consensus. He replied that he did not spend his days in the library researching in order to say the same thing as everyone else.

In order to let me know who the Father was who had written on St Therese, the Novice Master explained to me where he sat in choir. I identified him immediately as "Inclinavit" - he always intones the first antiphon for Monday Vespers "Inclinavit Dominus aurem suam mihi."

One book I have just finished is Jim Corum's How to Win the War on Terror. Next post ...

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