Easter Vigil

Well, whatever conclusion we reach in due course of time about poor old Holy Week, we will be celebrating the Novus Ordo Easter Vigil tonight. It is arguably a considerable improvement on much of the 1956 one at any rate. The Gloria etc. will be sung in Latin as will the Preface, and the Roman Canon will be said in Latin.

My altar servers are always very excited at the Easter Vigil, and understandably so. They love the fire and the candles and the clouds of incense in the darkened Church. Then when the Gloria is intoned, we ring all the bells we can find, put on all the lights, and then during the rest of the Gloria, servers go round taking the veils off the statues, and putting flowers in place. The main light on the sanctuary is a halogen lamp that warms up during the Gloria with the light increasing all the time.

Say a prayer for Mandy who is being baptised and Kelly who is being received into full communion with the Catholic Church.

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