CEI battle lines on SP

From the ever informative Sandro Magister comes a most interesting article on the battle lines drawn up within the Italian Bishops' Conference regarding Summorum Pontificum. Here is my translation of the main part of the article:
Quarrel in the CEI over the Mass. De Marco explains why

From the discussion between the thirty bishops of the permanent council of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), held behind closed doors, the opposition of some to the motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of Benedict XVI which has liberalised the old rite of the Mass, has leaked out.

The barrage of the critics dominated the discussion from Monday 17th, immediately after the introduction of the president of CEI, Angelo Bagnasco, until Wednesday 19 September. Notable among the opponents are Carlo Ghidelli, bishop of Lanciano-Ortona; Bruno Forte, archbishop of Chieti-Vasto; Benvenuto Italo Castellani, archbishop of Lucca; Paolo Romeo, archbishop of Palermo; and Felice Di Molfetta, bishop of Cerignola and president of the Episcopal Liturgy Commission. Already, before the publication of the motu proprio, Molfetta had approved the letter sent to the Pope by a group of Italian liturgists to ask him not to proceed with the liberalisation of the old rite.

In the judgement of these opponents, the ecclesiology contained in the old missal is “incompatible” with that set out by the second Vatican Council. Because of this, they proposed that CEI should prepare a document interpreting the papal motu proprio in a restrictive sense.

But the proposal was not approved. Other bishops from the Directorate of CEI declared in defence of the decision of Benedict XVI, in particular Camillo Ruini, Angelo Scola and Carlo Caffarra.
Original article (Italian): Baruffa in CEI sulla messa. De Marco spiega perché

Magister goes on to refer to an article by Pietro de Marco looking at various underlying questions. ("La ricchezza tradizionale intera del culto cristiano è, per Benedetto, il canone cui attingere..."). It is a very good article but I am afraid I haven't time to translate it now. If someone else does, please let me know and I'll post a link.

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