Fiorella's books

For supper time, I have been reading Fiorella De Maria's excellent first novel "The Cassandra Curse". She is known as Fiorella Nash to many of you but has a website Fiorella de Maria where you can buy this and her second novel "Father William's Daughter" which was recently published.

Both books have a strong Maltese connection (the first is set largely in Malta). "Fr William's Daughter" is being launched in the Westminster Cathedral Hall this Saturday (8 September) as a part of the Malta Day celebrations.

I am finding "The Cassandra Curse" a very good read. The Sunday Times of Malta describes it as "A passionate love story, breathlessly racy". This should not be understood as the comment might be were it written in an English newspaper! The pace of the novel is indeed very taut and the characters are fleshed out realistically. The passion for survival is as much a theme of the story as the passion of romance and betrayal.

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