Don't drink "Miller Lite"

One of the less welcome imports from the USA is the bland lager "Miller Lite" which features in many trendy restaurants and bars. In England there is generally no good reason to drink this stuff anyway, given that you can usually buy some proper ale. Even if you like watery pale yellow lager, you can get much cheaper "Novus Ordo Eurofizz" out of various pumps.

But now there is a special reason to eschew the Miller Lite option. The sponsored last weekend's homosexual "Leather" street fair in San Francisco. At the last minute they got cold feet and asked that their logo be withdrawn from the poster showing Our Lord and his disciples as half naked sado-masochists.

Not enough! I agree with the sentiments of Dad29 who warns that if anyone brings the ghastly brew into his house, the 12-packs will be emptied by a single blast from his .410 shotgun.

Let me hasten to add - for any MI5, Special Branch or anti-terrorsit monitors - that I do not possess any firearms. As we know, in England, firearms are only for criminals.

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