Good food, good company

Food for reflection and prayer, that is. Opus Dei hold a Day of Recollection for secular priests once a month at Wickenden Manor. Another early Mass today at 7am (which also gives working people a chance to get to weekday Mass) a short drive over to Chislehurst to pick up Fr Briggs and an hour or so to get to the heart of the Sussex countryside in time for the first conference.

The priests of Opus Dei are always sure to give some excellent and challenging advice to us. One particular point that stayed with me today was Fr Calduch's stress on the importance of a suitable rule of life. I do try to observe this but it is easy to allow unnecessary activities to intervene and waste time.

There is always good company on these days. Today there was an unusually large gathering because a group of priests of the Society of the Holy Cross were in the middle of a week's conference. We were together for lunch and for the Holy Hour in the afternoon.

Oh and the food was good too. Wholesome but not extravagant.

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