High Masses galore

Sorry to have been silent for a couple of days. Fr Z came across a post called "Bloggers in Blackfen" which, he said, sounded like a murder mystery. Well, I have not been murdered even a little bit.

Fr Z has been staying with me for a couple of days. He preached an excellent sermon at the High Mass in Blackfen yesterday. (You can read a copy of the sermon on his blog: Sermon for 14 September at Blackfen. There are photos over at traditionalcatholic.org.uk. (Direct link to the Blackfen High Mass page). The above is just one example from over 100 photos.

After toasting the Holy Father in some very good company, we made our way across London in the rush hour to attend in choir at the High Mass at the London Oratory. There are photos of that too at traditionalcatholic.org.uk.

Fr Z has some gizmo that enables him to connect to his DVD recorder at the Sabine Farm and order it to record the High Mass on EWTN so we also got to view some of that too.

Normal posting will be resumed as soon as possible! In what might be considered a peculiarly unfortunate technical disaster, the internet connection here at Blackfen has not played along very well over the past couple of days and only one of us can connect to the internet at any given time. We are still friends, though!

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