"Diverse Sensibilities"

Dr Peter Wright has drawn attention in the combox to the masterful phrase of Bishop Giuseppe Bertori, secretary-general of the Italian bishops' conference. Sua Eccelenza denied that some bishops had called for a more restrictive interpretation of "Summorum Pontificum" but allowed that,
ci sono state sensibilità diverse, cioè più attente all’una o all’altra dimensione pastorale dell’applicazione del testo...

there were diverse sensibilities, that is to say, more attentive to one or other pastoral dimension of the application of the text
The English-speaking world is familiar with the classic examples of how politicians have avoided calling each other liars by using saying that there the other party was "economical with the truth" of guilty of a "terminological inexactitude". (Apparently, Churchill's first use of this phrase was quite innocent.)

Henceforth on this blog let us avoid ever saying that prelates have disagreed flatly with each other or the Pope or whoever. Perish the thought! Instead, let us say that there were "diverse sensibilities more attentive to one or other pastoral (or other) dimension."

We could have some fun bringing other diplomatic circumlocutions into use.

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