Knocked flat again

Thank you for all your suggestions for cold remedies. I actually made the request tongue-in-cheek and was going to follow it up by asking advice on the best route from Peckham to Heathrow. In any case, your kind responses were a tonic in themselves.

Having recovered from the cold, I was knocked flat again last night - this time with food poisoning. I have had this once or twice before and will not go into any details, nor indeed request any antidotes: the solution is much the same as for a cold (mainly sleep) but without the alcohol.

So just one or two quick posts then I'm off to bed. I want to be in good shape for our parish feast day. We have a sung Latin Mass at 10.30am. Liturgically, it will be "like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old."

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