Margaret Sanger: KKK speaker

The Truth About Margaret Sanger is a blog dedicated to exposing the truth about the founder of Planned Parenthood. The blog carries items of general pro-life interest but focuses particularly on the eugenic thinking of this iconic figure in the anti-life promotion of abortion and birth-control.

They are currently running the 3rd Annual Margaret Sanger at the Ku Klux Klan Rally Art Contest which invites various representations of Margaret Sanger's speech in 1926 to the Women's Branch of the Silver Lake Ku Klux Klan as mentioned in her own 1938 autobiography.

The contest will not accept photoshopped entries this year but will accept any of the following:
Drawings, cartoons, historical novels, haiku, dance, plays, videos, paintings, quilts, rap, puppetry, modern interpretations of Sanger speaking to the Klan, reenactments of the speech on YouTube, mime, audio recordings of actual Sanger quotes she may have reused when speaking to the Klan

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