New boiler

One of life's little challenges is when you need to put the heating on in the Hall - and it doesn't work. Fortunately, we have a very good central heating engineer in the parish who runs his own firm. It turns out that the boiler - installed 5 years ago and replaced soon after - has some sort of boiler version of gut rot. It could be repaired at some cost and labour time but we decided to call it a day and put in a new one. Apparently this is a "condensing boiler" which is more efficient too. And has a five year warranty: probably a good sign.

My boiler guru tells me that he is onto the supplier with the whole story and is emphasising the very public nature of such works to Church premises. This should have some effect on our discount. I said that if it would help, I would be happy to post a photo of the shot innards of the old one on my blog with a link to the website of the manufacturer and supplier. I told him that we could even do something on YouTube :-)

I'm happy anyway. Problem notified yesterday: boiler replaced and in working order by 10.30am this morning. It's that kind of parish.

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