LMS Mass in St Peters

The Latin Mass Society has a quarterly Low Mass in St Peter's Basilica in Rome. Yesterday, John Medlin sent me the very good news that the Society has now received permission to celebrate the Mass in the Chapel of St Michael in the nave of the basilica instead of the Hungarian Chapel in the crypt.

The first such Mass will be at 7.15 am on Friday 23 November celebrated by Mgr Ignacio Barreiro, the liturgical representative of the Society at Rome.

In another welcome development, Mgr Barreiro celebrated a baptism in the Traditional Rite in St Peter's on Saturday 20 October. This was in the Chapel of the Choir, facing the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the nave. The proud parents had previously been married (new rite) in the same chapel by the then Cardinal Ratzinger. (There may be some pictures of this event on the way soon.)

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