Selectively taking offence

Cardinal George gave an interview to John Allen last week which made a number of very good points. Here is a link to the full text of the interview (pdf 56Kb) and a summary with extracts at Allen's All Things Catholic.

One of the most noteworthy parts of the interview is where Allen presses the Cardinal on the text of the 1962 prayer on Good Friday - this is the one that prays for the conversion of the Jews (not the earlier version which prayed "pro perfidis Iudaeis"). After considering the question of whether the prayer might be changed, and who exactly is offended by it, His Eminence suggests:
"Maybe this is an opening to say, 'Would you care to look at some of the Talmudic literature's description of Jesus as a bastard, and so on, and maybe make a few changes in some of that?"
OK, now that has been exposed, we only have to wait for the world's media to bring it up at every available opportunity whenever toleration or inter-religious dialogue is under discussion. Or perhaps not.

H/T Holy Smoke

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