A disaster waiting to happen

This poster was published in the USA during the second world war. I was reminded of it when I received this message in response to my post Dictatorship of relativism in action. It is from a mother who knows the adoption system in the UK very well:
This was a disaster waiting to happen and will be replicated. Any grandparents with a delinquent, difficult or mentally unbalanced son or daughter (or a son who chooses to become a parent with similarly affected girlfriend without benefit of marriage) are in very real danger of experiencing the loss of their grandchildren to homosexual adopters, who are now becoming a very aggressive lobby, demanding access to the youngest and healthiest children and considering it "discrimination" to be offered older or handicapped children. (This I know from secular support organisations for adopters.)

Grandparents in this position should stress ETHNIC ties which are far more respected than religion in terms of cultural roots: many Catholics can do this. I suspect these grandparents asked for help from the state in bringing up their grandchildren. While understandable, I am increasingly convinced this is DANGEROUS. If you need help, respite etc. access it informally from within your own extended family, Catholic parish community, friends, reliable Catholic organisations, etc. Present a very strong front and never allude to any supposed difficulties.

There needs to be a fighting fund for legal help for Catholics and other Christians in these circumstances. I wonder whether the grandparents applied quickly for a Residence Order or Special Guardianship, for example?

Let us invoke the loving protection of Our Lady and guardianship of Saint Michael the Archangel for all children placed for adoption with homosexuals.

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