Nowy Ruch Liturgiczny

Nowy Ruch Liturgiczny is a Polish blog dedicated to the traditional liturgy. They have given me the great compliment of offering a serialised translation of my address to the last Merton conference, published by the Latin Mass Society. (See: Summorum Pontificum in the Parish.)

For the New Year, the authors put up an English language post: Traditional Latin Mass in Poland — 2008 Summary. It is interesting to read that on the day of the promulgation of Summorum Pontificum, there were eight places where the usus antiquior was available (apart from SSPX chapels) and now there are 22. A daily hand-missal has been re-published and there have been old rite Confirmations. Apparently the FSSP is in discussions with Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz concerning the possible erection of a house in Cracow. Regarding relationships with the hierarchy, the blog summarises as follows:
Whilst Polish bishops do not particularly favour old Mass , there was no particular open hostility seen last year, either. Considering their conservatism in the doctrine, we do hope that the acceptance of the new liturgical movement will be spreading across Poland in 2009.
(If you use google translate, you can pick up a lot of the information from the blog without having Polish.)

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