Prima nix

In Rome the custom is that on the first day of snow, the "Prima nix", students are given the day off from lectures. Sadly for the students at Wonersh, this custom is not observed in England.

Above is the view from the window of my room at the Seminary after breakfast this morning. Fortunately, the afternoon was a little brighter and I was able to drive round the M25 and in to North Greenwich in time to catch the tube to the Good Counsel Network where I was giving Benediction. Then a peaceful and quiet evening Low Mass in the parish before catching up on the blogosphere.

Tomorrow, Fr Charles Briggs and Deacon John Harrison are coming to join me in the evening so that we can celebrate the Epiphany with Solemn High Mass. It is a little odd to be operating with two calendars (I celebrated the English Masses of the Epiphany on Sunday) but amid such troubles, Fr Charles and I recall the words of the hymn: "prrroblems of life, you 'elp us to face..." as well as the phrase in which Gaudium et Spes shakes off the straightjacket of ciceronian style, when speaking "de quibusdam problematibus urgentioribus" ;-)

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