Indonesian Catholic site

Looking through the referrals to the blog always seems to throw up something interesting. Today I found the site The subtitle "Knowing and Loving our Catholic Faith" and the picture of St Peter's and various devotional pictures illustrating the article links gave me a clue that this was probably a sound Catholic site, but I was stumped by the language. There is the occasional Shaolom and Salaam, Jesus is "Yesus", Mary, Mother of God is "Maria Bundi Allah".

A bit of spadework on google led me to the guess that this was from Indonesia. In my ignorance, I looked up "indonesia language" and found that it was, in fact Indonesian. And to my surprise, I found that google translate does in fact do Indonesian.

The site is very active with testimonies, catechetical articles and apologetics. It is wonderful to find such Catholic activity in a language that I have no knowledge of whatsoever, in a country I have never visited, yet sharing so much both in faith and culture. The picture of St Peter's might be on any Cahtolic blog. The picture that they have of Our Lady (Gentileschi's Madonna) is currently the wallpaper on my desktop. Many of the apologetics articles deal with questions (such as purgatory) that might be the staple of a Catholic apologist anywhere in the world. Yet there is a distinctive contribution to Catholic life that enriches the Church and can provide us with support - for example in the evangelisation of Muslims which is conducted confidently but also with great courtesy.

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