Inside Catholic

I am very impressed by the Inside Catholic website which carries a wealth of good articles - our own Auntie Joanna is featured there among the many US writers with an article reflecting on Britain and the 1950s.

Another excellent article is Contraception and Conversion by David Mills. He begins by observing that progressive Catholics sometimes ask him why he converted - after all, the Episcopalian Church had everything: "married priests, women priests, homosexual priests, no doctrinal restrictions, evolving moral standards, and an official reason to be rude to the pope. What more could one want?" I found this section amusing:
I will often say, in as cheery, boosterish, and cheerleading a voice as I can manage, "My wife and I discovered the truth of the Church's teaching on contraception, and after a while we just had to join the one body in the world that was telling the truth about it."

That usually shuts down the conversation.

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