Fr Z language poll

Fr Z seems to have got into polls of late. They are fun - I must do one or two. He has recently asked readers about cheeseburger/hamburger and about which refreshing beverage they prefer. Today he has asked which language you prefer for Holy Mass. There are two options: Latin or "My mother tongue or daily language". (Go over and vote at: Really... admit it...)

The combox is quite fun. the first comment by "Jon" earns its own comments in red:
this is a really dumb idea. we all know how the readers of NLM are going to answer? [Not as dumb as you not knowing that this isn’t NLM! o{]:¬) ]
"Paul the Other" starts off
Cerevisia bibo. Oops! Wrong poll.
Slightly more attentive, Daniel Muller says

So much easier than the pickle question.
One good question was raised by a psychiatrist locally in a discussion of this issue: "In what language does God speak to you?"

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