New statement from Bishop Fellay

The Vatican has today released a statement from Bishop Fellay asking the forgiveness of Pope Benedict and of all people of good will for Bishop Williamson's holocuast denial on Swedish TV. Bishop Fellay also made known his decision to prohibit Bishop Williamson from taking any public positions on political or historical questions.

Here is a link to the NCR translation of Bishop Fellay's statement.

In the meantime, Bishop Williamson has deigned to write about the affair in his weekly column. There is not a trace of remorse for the damage that he has done to his Fraternity or to the Church. He says:
And let us thank and pray for Benedict XVI and all his collaborators who helped to push through this Decree, despite, for instance, a media uproar orchestrated and timed to prevent it.
I wonder if it ever does occur to His Excellency in the wee small hours that he might be just an incy-wincy little bit to blame for the "media uproar"?

This has been a painful time for the SSPX and for all those who wish them well. Bishop Fellay has acted decisively, and in exactly the way that we have all been hoping for. May God speed all that remains to be done on the journey to full regularisation of the Fraternity.

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