Hilary's setting up the Taliban Catholic blognic in Rome

Today's invitation from Hilary White: Hey "Taliban Catholic" Bloggers!! Come to the *Other* Rome Catholic Blognic.

Well someone had to do it - and Hilary is just the girl! Michael Voris will be keynote speaker which sets the tone more or less unambiguously. There will be pizza and beer; and if you absent-mindedly leave your computer and turn up in pyjamas that will probably not be noticed too much. It will be happening on 3 May from 1-5 pm at a location yet to be determined since Hilary only had the idea on Friday.

I'm on the invite list, quite high up. Drat! My ecclesiastical career prospects were looking so hopeful and all. Well, since my cover is blown, I will freely admit that I was in on the conspiracy at an early stage (the beer & pizza bit was mine.) Unfortunately, I have already booked to go to Rome the week after and I can't just swan off from the parish at the drop of a hat. However, I think I will be allowed to participate in some way by Skype.

You can sign up on Facebook at the group for The *Other* Rome Catholic Blognic. If you have got fed up with Facebook and napalmed your profile, you can just put a comment on Hilary's blog.

By the way, this is not a spoof. It is actually going to happen. There will be video. If you are in Rome on 3 May and you are a Catholic blogger you really don't want to miss it. (Unless you are hoping to be a Monsignor, or get a job at Eccleston Square etc.)

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