Oxford LMS training conference links

For the conference, I had to pack quite a lot of things for my sessions demonstrating how to say Low Mass. I reluctantly left the big camera behind and made do with the plastic toy one - I have therefore relied on other people for photos and, thank goodness, the Schola Sainte Cécile have a good collection.

The timetable at the Conference was quite full and I would not have had much chance to take photos in any case. As well as the Schola Sainte Cécile, there are a couple of other sources I read on my mobile on the bus from Oxford to London:

Damien Thompson has posted on the very good homily given by Archbishop Nichols (Thank God for Archbishop Nichols). He has posted the full text of the homily in the comments box in response to requests. (The above photo is also from his blog.)

Fr Z has a couple of posts following up on Damien's, also commenting positively on Archbishop Nichols' homily.

The New Liturgical Movement has a number of posts and some more photos taken by Joseph Shaw.

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