Family lunch and biothics seminar

I was pleased to accept a spur of the moment invitation to lunch since it is August and there are fewer appointments than usual. Over to one of the families in my parish who have seven children, keep chickens as well as the obligatory rabbit (who likes plums from one of their many plum trees.) Children gave me demonstrations of the swinging tyre, the Wendy House, the rather precarious swing hanging from the tree, table-tennis, mask-making, and recitations on piano, trumpet, violin and some long club-like instrument from a rain forest.

Lunch was in the garden and between us, we managed to get three wasps with accurate flicks of household implements. As the older children are clued-up on pro-life issues, and parents are both doctors, the post-lunch discussion on the Draft Human Tissue and Embryos Bill ended up being a fairly high-powered seminar on bioethics.

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