Not much demand? Sufficient provision?

Fr Z has commented on many of his posts about the "party line" on Summorum Pontificum and provision of the older form of the Roman Rite. "There is not much demand for it. We have sufficient provision already because we have been so generous." (In one American Diocese, nearly twice as large in area as England, this "sufficient provision" is one Sunday Mass.)

On Sunday afternoon, I posted about the St Michael's Abbey Press. Having browsed through the Motu Proprio section, I ordered a few items. A parcel arrived this morning with some of the order. (That is order-fulfilment on a par with Amazon.) However, the parcel included a note in a fine chancery style hand which can tell us something about the demand.
Dear Father

We have had to put your other two items on backorder due to the massive increase in that section of our shop. We hope to be in a position to send them shortly.

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