Back from the Summer Session

Just back from the Faith Summer Session at Woldingham. Posted above is the group photo (click to enlarge). Those on the coaches going to the North-West of England and then on to Scotland will probably be somewhere around Birmingham by now so here are a couple of pictures if any of you is looking at the blog on the mobile phone.

First of all, Patrick with his "Tangerine Army" shirt on. This refers to Blackpool FC who were promoted to the Championship this year.

And here is a photo of Fr Scott Deeley from this morning's scintillating summing-up:

As you can see, my predictions about blogging during the week were overly optimistic. There was a computer with internet access but the school's network prohibits access to anything with "blogger" in the address.

I'll be posting some more photos and a report of the conference - this is to let you know I am still alive :-)

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