3 cheers for Travelodge

The Catholic News Agency reports that Travelodge Hotels have taken the decision to stop supplying pornographic TV channels in their hotel rooms. Here is the Press release from Travelodge. Their Chief Operating Officer, Guy Parsons said:
"We have an ever increasing number of families staying with us and it's appropriate that we remove adult TV. Our other customers tell us that they would prefer to use a hotel without adult content available so we have responded to meet their needs."
This is very good news. My suggestion to any hotel chain announcing similar moves would be to drop the term "Adult" for this stuff; there is nothing "adult" about it. Just call it "pornography" or "sexually explicit" if you want to be coy. The decision not only makes the hotels more "family friendly" but also helps cut down the exploitation and abuse of women by pornography and the degradation of men with consequent damage to their relationships.

I have written in thanks to the Press Office contact and encourage you to express your appreciation to Travelodge. I will also be seeking to use Travelodge in preference to other hotel chains when I am travelling. Their prices are very reasonable and when I have used them in the past, I have found their rooms well-equipped and comfortable. For a family, they represent even better value. They do family rooms and cots at most hotels.

We need to support this kind of initiative so I do encourage you to think about using them and leaving a comment card saying why you have chosen their chain.

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