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This evening I had a chance to chat to Fr Andrew Wadsworth about the forthcoming Latin Mass Society training conference for priests wishing to learn how to celebrate Mass in the older form of the Roman Rite. (See also this report in the Daily Telegraph.) Fr Wadsworth has asked me to help with this conference - something I am very glad to do. Apart from the encouraging prospect of helping fellow priests to learn something of the older form of the Rite, I always enjoy these gatherings of priests.

If a priest is willing to learn to celebrate the older form of the Roman Rite, one thing he will need is an altar missal. You may be able to help out here by buying one for your local priest. (You know, the young one who wears clericals, preaches on Humanae Vitae and doesn't mess with the rubrics.)

All Catholic Books has new copies of the 1962 Altar Missal selling at $124. Gillibrand of Catholic Church Conservation has antique Missals for sale as well as books of the epistles and gospels.

Altar cards are necessary too. You may be able to pick some up from ebay or somewhere like that. I have also put up a pdf file that can be printed out on standard A4 paper then laminated. These are useful for travelling, too.

For the newer form of the Roman Rite, the responsorial psalm is a bit of a problem in many places. A wonderful project Chabanel Psalms has downloadable sheet music for the responsorial psalm for every Sunday of the three year cycle. Jeffrey Tucker has a post with information and comment. (New Liturgical Movement: The Psalm Problem Provisionally Solved)

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