A crazy life

Being a parish priest can be a little crazy at times. Coming into the presbytery from Mass, hearing a couple of confessions, and having a chat with some religious who are at the cutting edge of the Church's life, I find that the Health and Safety firm is coming to see me.

I decided to take the chap round myself rather than delegating this - just out of curiosity, really. It turns out that of red, amber and green health and safety triage categories, we are "green". This worried me a bit at first; I wondered how we might enlarge our carbon footprint. However my worries were unfounded. The "green" category meant that we have no major health and safety ishoos demanding urgent attention.

This surprised me greatly since I am not a great one for getting all the necessary checks and paperwork in place. The nice H&S chap said that although we hadn't got all the policies entirely right (we do have quite a few of them - I know how to adapt model policies) we had the "implementation" pretty well tickety-boo.

Apparently, one ishoo is that one of our CO2 fire extinguishers is out of date. We need to replace it. The upside is that the old one can be used for training purposes. I intend to try it out on the St Therese candle stand which even I can see is a safety risk. I'll make sure to video that event :-)

This evening (after the family lunch mentioned earlier) we had our parish summer music evening. This is a delightful affair with children of 5 and upwards playing the violin, piano and trumpet etc at various levels. Some accomplished young musicians dazzled us with their virtuosity. Egad! Throw away your ipod and play live music for goodness' sake!

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