Comments - some reminders

The number of comments to this blog has increased quite a lot in recent months and I am very grateful to you for your interest and for your contributions. These comments have given me (and perhaps you) wisdom, knowledge, correction, and often some good laughs.

I rarely delete comments. Thankfully it is not often necessary. However, just to remind you, here are two posts that are permanently linked at the bottom of the sidebar:
Comments on blogs in general
Comments on this blog

Another thing that I would urge you is to avoid posting comments that are simply "anonymous". You have the option to post a comment with your blogger name if you have one, or anonymously or - and this is the important one - "OTHER".

Please use "other" in preference to anonymous. You can remain anonymous by calling yourself Mr M. Mouse, Mr D. Duck, the Reverend Pantaloon Trouserpress or whatever. But by doing so, you will enable other commenters to refer to your comment without trying to pick their way through half a dozen anonymice. I don't want to prohibit anonymous comments because some people need to post anonymously (e.g. seminarians, Bishops etc.) and for young people it may be prudent to post anonymously. To help you out, here is a graphic of the comments box: the arrow points to the relevant radio button option.

(Click to enlarge)

May I also offer a gentle reminder about the helpful way to post links by the use of a little simple html: Putting links in the combox

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