Difficult journey to Mass

After my parish Mass this morning, I set off on what the AA estimate as a journey of one hour and twenty minutes. I actually queued for an hour just getting through Tunbridge Wells and the whole trip took about two and a half hours. Later I realised that the reason for the delay was traffic diverted off the M25 which was closed for most of the day. I assumed that someone had been killed as this is what usually gets the motorway actually closed. Thank God, there was just one person seriously injured - say a prayer for their recovery. The pile-up between junctions 6 and 7 on the clockwise carriageway involved two lorries, a car and a van - and 30 tons of plasterboard strewn across the road.

On the journey, I enjoyed the remainder of a sermon on judgement and one on hell from the FSSP sermon series. I also got in the Stations of the Cross courtesy of Keep the Faith.

The people waiting for Mass were very patient. As it was the extraordinary form, I said Mass without preaching and promised a sermon after lunch. It was great to see Fr Thwaites who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. He wants to start a blog but has not yet thought of a name for it. Any suggestions?

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