Portuguese ecclesiastical community "needs to be changed"

Ttony (Muniment Room: Portuguse Bishops: One Last Chance) has translated part of the Holy Father's address to the Portuguese Bishops on the occasion of their Ad Limina visit in November, including the following:
"The organisation of the Portuguese ecclesiastical community, and the mentality of its members, need to be changed in order to have a Church in Vatican II's rythm, in which the function of the clergy and the function of the laity are properly established, bearing in mind that, since we were baptised and made part of the family of the sons of God, we are co-responsible for the growth of the Church."
Here is a link to the full address (in Portuguese)

For most Catholics, Portugal is particularly known as the home of the Marian shrine at Fatima. In 2004, a Hindu ritual was carried out at the Capelinha with the full co-operation and encouragement of the shrine authorities who described critics of the event as fundamentalists.

More recently, the new Church of the Holy Trinity was completed:

Apparently this meets the needs of modern worshippers since it has lots of doors, lavatories, and a café

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