Dancing, Football, and Communion in the hand

A good blog I found from the trackbacks is For God, For Country and For Yale. (There is indeed no "Oxford comma.") The author, Stephen, is at Yale University and plays (American) football. He also reports on the fortunes of the team of his former school: the "Lancaster Catholic Crusaders." While trying to make sure that I got my facts right about this, I came across a post about his Alma Mater. They sent the following note about school dances:
We are pleased that our dances have been very well attended and that our students have enjoyed themselves at these events. Security has been increased by searching bags and out clothing, and by screening guests very carefully.

There are two concerns that need to be addressed: standard of dress and over-hyped intimate dancing. At our last dance, there were far too many girls whose clothing was overly revealing. Female chaperones will be on hand to examine girls’ clothing and to contact parents of students who are not properly dressed.

There are certain styles of modern dancing which look like animals copulating. Students should be advised that overly familiar and sexually-hyped dancing will result in their being expelled form the dance and parents picking them up.

Both of the above matters are difficult for chaperones to deal with. We urge parents to be preemptive in these matters.
Stephen also has a very thoughtful post In the Hand? No thanks. in which he explains why he has changed to receiving Holy Communion on the tongue.

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