On the threshold of heaven

Today was the day for my fortnightly visit to Parkminster. One of the community gave me a couple of photos from the entirely unusual (once a year) Party at Parkminster. (I did check with him that it was OK to put them on the Internet.) The quality is reduced because they are scans of the prints that he gave me. He offered to give me better quality ones but I did not want to trouble him.

(L-R) A Carthusian, Fr Finigan, A Carthusian, A Carthusian
(Photo credit: A Carthusian)

(L-R) A Carthusian, Fr Finigan, A Carthusian
(Photo credit: A Carthusian)

Now we are back to normal with the class on Sacramental Theology after which I stay for Vespers. In the Choir, I am given a place next to the Prior: I have discovered that this is a great honour. I can now usually set up the books with the markers in the correct places and arranged according to the custom of the Order. Increasingly I thirst for this 45 minute sojourn on the threshold of heaven. It struck me today how much I have come love their austere version of the Lucis Creator Optime and the beautiful Salve Regina with its slight differences even in wording from the one used in the Roman Rite.

A commenter on this blog very kindly sent me a copy of "An Infinity of Little Hours" which I have found compulsive reading. I mentioned today that I was reading it and it caused a frisson of excitement. The book is about Parkminster and is quite controversial - "it has caused some discussion" was the way the Novice Master put it. I'll probably find time to finish it tomorrow. On my next visit to the Charterhouse, I'll share my thoughts on it with the Novice Master and let you know what I think after reflecting on his comments.

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