Trying to genuflect in Malaysia

Poor Andrew, over in Malaysia, not only has to put up with an Government that Kow-Tows to Islamic body-snatchers until the international community makes them too embarrassed; he also has to suffer from the kind of liturgist about whom all those jokes were composed.

See his post More liturgical rants...genuflecting before receiving Holy Communion is a sin. Some of the language is a little intemperate but this is frankly understandable given the nonsense up with which he has had to put. As he summarises neatly:
When I teach that Jesus Christ, Our Lord is present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament and that the worship and adoration of latria is due to Him and the priest comes out and says genuflection before Our Lord is a sin, I have a problem with that.
Yes, Andrew, this is unacceptable. Complain to your Bishop. If that fails, take the complaint to Rome. If that fails... take the video, post it on YouTube, and ...

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