Feature in the Catholic Herald

Sir Dan of the Nesbitry left a message for me today with one of his classic lines "Have you seen the Herald?" He tells me that Joanna Bogle (Auntie Joanna) has an article about Catholic blogs in this week's Catholic Herald, mentioning this one in very complimentary terms. (Many thanks, Joanna!) I will probably see the article tomorrow if the papers arrive on time.

It will be most interesting to observe the site meter during the coming week. Over the past couple of days, Jeff Miller at the Curt Jester, Gerald Augustinus at the Cafeteria is Closed, and Fr John Zuhlsdorf at What does the prayer really say? have been kind enough to mention this blog with a link, causing the number of daily visitors to soar to more than twice their normal level. (see graphic) How will a mention in the print compare with a mention on two great American blogs and on a blog that is a major source of solid information on the Liturgy?

BTW, Fr Zuhlsdorf warns:
When you see Fr. F and Fr. Z con-presiding liturgy with liturgical dance set to tunes by Haas, Haugen and the rest, start saying your prayers, for the end of the world is near.
Brian asks in the combox
Is ‘con-presiding’ a word? I know there is concelebrating. Shouldn’t it be co-presiding?
Fr Zuhlsdorf's reply:
Brian: What difference could it possibly make?
(And cop the birettamoticon.)

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