'snow rest for the wicked

This is the sight that greeted me outside my window this morning:

Our outside statue of Our Lady of the Rosary became Our Lady of the Snows:

All very beautiful, of course but I am afraid snow is not really good news for me. Here is the front of the Church at first light:

We have a number of elderly people who walk to morning Mass so it is quite important that a few paths should be cleared. I think once again "I must go and get one of those broom-type snow-plough thingies as soon as the shops are re-stocked." I will probably forget again this year. Never mind - it didn't take too long with a broom; and a bit of manual work is surely a good thing now and again.

Then there is the salt and grit to put down. I took a crowbar to break up the compacted material and I found that the container had been used as a convenient rubbish bin: beer bottles, coke cans, confetti packets etc. (Memo to self: Get some rubbish bins for outside.) My Deacon arrived at this point and kindly got rid of the rubbish while I put down the grit. I expect this is all pretty small beer for those of you living with snow for several months each year. The trouble is that it is relatively uncommon here and always takes us by surprise. Anyway, here we are - strategically swept and gritted paths:

You could make up some chav jokes about this -

Salted! Safe!

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